The African Biodynamic Conference

10th - 12th May, 2024

The Egyptian Biodynamic Association is launching Africa’s first Biodynamic Conference to explore innovative approaches, share knowledge, and foster connections. With a focus on climate resilience, youth leadership, and indigenous wisdom, the conference aims to shape a unique, regenerative agricultural future in Africa. Engaging international experts and African/local practitioners, the event seeks meaningful connections and collaborations.

We want to focus on the beauty and nourishment of a living farm. Wealth and quantity will follow

We want to focus on the beauty and nourishment of a living farm. Wealth and quantity will follow

The Biodynamic Conference will address
the Biodynamic Farming Impact on different sectors


Enhancing soil health, vitality, and biodiversity, while reducing synthetic chemical reliance, preserving heirloom and indigenous varieties, and promoting improved ecological balance and reduced erosion.

Climate change

Facilitating carbon sequestration in healthy soils, lowering greenhouse gas emissions by reducing synthetic inputs, and adapting to climate variability through holistic farming practices.


Biodynamic products can tap into niche markets with premium pricing, while also reducing input costs and enhancing local and regional economic resilience through sustainable agriculture.

Human development

Fostering a stronger connection to the land, stewardship, and a holistic understanding of agriculture presents opportunities for meaningful human and community engagement in farming.

Biodynamic Preparations

Scaling up biodynamic production while innovating to ensure sufficient preparation capacity for all biodynamic farmers.

Research & Development

Conducting collaborative research to develop a straightforward and comprehensible curriculum, offering online workshops and field training to ensure accessibility for all biodynamic farmers.


Demonstration farms showcase the positive impact of BD methods, with a platform for an inclusive African BD movement, promoting collaboration among associations for greater impact and networking.

Economy of Love Sustainable Approach

Advocating for shared principles and policies while promoting an economic model aligned with Biodynamic farming principles.



Establish a dynamic zone featuring booths for sustainable agriculture, a LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKET, Green Technologies, investment connections, and a Marketplace/Networking platform for direct purchases and engagement with producers.


Highlight institutions promoting biodynamic practices with interactive displays, posters, and information about research, educational programs, and workshops for youth and students.


Experience agriculture with BD Bees for hive viewing and honey tasting, Sekem Farm for BD Animal Husbandry and milk tasting, and a Farm-to-Table Showcase emphasizing sustainable sourcing and consumption habits.


Celebrate Egypt and Africa’s cultural heritage through traditional arts, crafts, and cuisine, explore diverse arts with Ms. Petra, and foster cultural exchange.


New speakers will be featured and updated on our website

Helmy Abouleish

CEO of the SEKEM Initiative in Egypt and president in the Biodynamic Federation Demeter international 

Naglaa Ahmed

Consultant & Project manager who works on Knowledge Hub for organic agriculture in North Africa (KHNA)

Luka Macharia

 Demeter & Special Projects Manager in LIMBUA Group, Kenya

Hassan Abou Bakr

Consultant for organic agriculture and Professor of Biological control.

Buthaina El-Hosieny

Project Specialist at the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA).

Feya Marince

Regenerative Agricultural Trainer and board member of Indigenous Biodynamic Association of Africa (IBAA) based in South Africa under the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International.

Jürgen Fritz

Research coordinator Biodynamic Agriculture at Kassel University Germany

Trymore Samkange

Biodynamic farmer at Kufunda Community – Zimbabwe

Patrick Seggujja

Team leader at Kasuku Organics and Community Development Project


Petra Drammeh

Founder and Honorary Chairwoman of the Board of YIRABAH Gambia Association in Germany.

Oliver Mrosso

Owner and managing director of Organic Hill Farming Company-Tanzania

Noshin Ilyas

Associate Professor in the Department of Botany, Agriculture University and has a Ph.D. in Plant Sciences – Pakistan

Ishaan Lilje

A biodynamic farmer at heart, farming 120 ha of land / 65ha of vineyard for Reyneke Wines, on the Stellenbosch hills, South Africa. He also serves on the board of the Biodynamic Association Southern Africa, and has been there since 202. 

Maisa Lotfy

Director of Central Lab of Organic Agriculture at the Agricultural Research Center (ARC).

Ana Gonçalves

Founding Member and Secretary of the General Assembly of Demeter Portugal Association, Sementes Vivas Company, Portugal

Najla Dhen

Agronomic Engineer with a Ph.D. in Agronomic Sciences and Environment, working as a Multiplier Coach at the Technical Center of Organic Agriculture (CTAB), within the Knowledge Hub for Organic Agriculture in North Africa (KHNA Tunisia)

Jamila Loukili

Ex business women ,now activist for changing: Agro ecological farmer, regional president for organic producers, coordinator for KHNA Morocco and member of several environmental associations.

Peter Wangara

Founder and director of LIMBUA Group, Kenya

Justus Harm

Co-Executive Director of the Egyptian Biodynamic Association, Egypt

Aya Mamdouh

Operations Supervisor at the Economy of Love Standard, Egyptian Biodynamic Association, Egypt

Rufaida Alqady

Inspector, Centre of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE), Master of science in Mediterranean Organic Agriculture, Organic farming International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari – Bari, Italy.

Helen Van Zyl

Running the online biodynamic training course at the BDAASA

Thoraya Saeda

Director of the Carbon Footprint Center, Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development.


Feel free to contact: [email protected]



Heliopolis University

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SEKEM farm

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*SEKEM farm is where the first day of the conference will take place, and the following days transportation from Heliopolis University will be provided. 


Meet the Conference Organizers

Our Partners and Organizers

Our Partners and Organizers