Carbon Credit

Get paid for improving your soil & crop quality and mitigating climate change

With the EoL Carbon Credit scheme you will be benefiting from:

  • Improving soil/crop quality
  • Consultancy from biodynamic agriculture experts
  • Additional income of your Co2 sequestration practices

Regenerative Agriculture

The Economy of Love Standard

Offers a comprehensive blueprint for achieving the goals of regenerative organic agriculture and carbon sequestration:

Soil Health

We believe the farm is a living organism: by integrating livestock, building compost, and utilizing cover crops, on-farm fertility is realized and carbon that was in the atmosphere is drawn down and sequestered creating healthy, vibrant soil.


Farmers must devote at least 10 percent of total land to wild areas, for example, forests, waterways, and meadows. Disease and insect control are created through botanical species diversity and predator habitat. This also aids in carbon drawdown.

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Food Quality

Carbon-rich soil is full of the minerals and trace elements that our bodies depend on. The Demeter Processing Standards (there are sixteen categories in all) guarantee that products are made with a high quantity of Biodynamic ingredients that are minimally processed.

Food Security

Soil health impacts agricultural yields, water conservation, and pest and disease outbreaks. There is no food security without resilient soil.

Climate Adaptation & Mitigation

Soils richer in carbon are more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Healthy soils increase the soil’s ability to hold and retain water and directly influence the impacts of heat fluctuations, drought, erosion, floods and desertification.