Economy of Love

A Holistic Certification Standard

For a Collaborative Economy

Protecting People and the Environment.

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Economy of Love certifies the entire value chain:

Production and farms, processing factories and companies, and distribution.

From the first raw material until the product reaches the consumer.

Explore Our Holistic Certification Criteria 

To be holistic, creating a balance between the four dimensions of Environment, Economy, Society, and Culture; our certification is composed of 5 minimal criteria in each dimension. For a company or a farm to be certified they need to meet these criteria. 


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Cultural Criteria Overview

  1. Factory supervisors and managers receive training to create space for cultural events.
  2. Conducting regular creative activities with employees.
  3. Respecting the local traditions/culture of the employees.
  4. Learning and encouragement individual well-being and self-development/creative expression.
  5. Working with local initiatives and enhance cultural activities.


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Social Criteria Overview

  1. Providing fair and dignified working conditions.
  2. Providing employees with health & social insurance.
  3. Engaging with stakeholders through round tables.
  4. Ensuring a sustainable impact on and engagement with the local community.
  5. Employees receive awareness training on social topics.


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Environmental Criteria Overview

  1. Following Biodynamic production/processing standards.
  2. Reducing packaging and using recycled material.
  3. Implementing sustainable water and waste management systems.
  4. reporting on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions.
  5. Employees receive ecological awareness trainings.


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Economical Criteria Overview

  1. Providing data to conduct full cost accounting.
  2. establishing solidarity agreement between stakeholders.
  3. Providing wages that allow for a decent standard of living.
  4. Creating transparency in stakeholder relationships.
  5. Employees receive sustainable-economic awareness trainings. 

The Benefits of an Economy of Love Certification

EoL Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)

PGS EOL is a project initiated by the Egyptian Biodynamic Agriculture Associations (EBDA) and SEKEM, to help farmers start or further improve inclusive biodynamic agriculture and benefit people and the environment while producing their agricultural commodity.

The Benefits of the EoL PGS Certificate

Knowledge exchange between farmers

Decreasing complexity of documentation

Low entry barriers to access the certification

Promoting direct relationships between farmers

Less cost for producers

Improves communication between farmers and the national market

PGS Certification Process


  • Participate in cross-checking and inspections

Farmer Groups

  • Carry out cross-inspection plans & produce inspections reports
  • Regularly verify members’ compliance with the standard
  • Organize member meetings and apply for certification

Cooperative / Inter-Group

  • Manage certification applications
  • Sanction non-complying groups

Local Coordination Board (COAE)

  • Issue certification for ISO 14065:2020 and ISO 14064-3:2019.
  • Carry out random auditing and testing
  • Offers a marketing presenter

The Economy of Love Community

Become a recognized VVB &/CB by EoL

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ISO Certifications:


  1. ISO 14064-3:2019: Validates and verifies GHG assertions related to project activities, ensuring accuracy and alignment with accounting principles.
  2. ISO 14065: Mandates competence, consistency, and impartiality in the validation and verification of greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. ISO 17029: Establishes general principles for VVBs, ensuring competence, consistency, impartiality, and confidentiality.


  1. EGAC Accreditation: Required for accreditation in the Egyptian context.
  2. UNFCCC Accreditation: Demonstrates compliance with UNFCCC standards for validation and verification of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects.
  3. International Carbon Markets Accreditation: Needed for trading EoL carbon credits internationally.

Public Accountability:

  1. Commitment to regular and public disclosure of validation and verification outcomes.
  2. Reporting directly to the EoL standard for transparency.


Expertise and Experience:

  1. Technical and professional competencies in the agricultural sector.
  2. Adherence to relevant standards and guidelines.
  3. Maintenance of a quality assurance system.
  4. Submission of an annual report to the EoL accreditation council.

VVB Registration Process:

  1. Submission of a registration application to the EoL office.
  2. Initial review to assess completeness and accuracy of the application.
  3. Evaluation of technical competence, including expertise and documentation review.
  4. Fiduciary disclosure for verifiers and assessment of disclosed relationships.
  5. Conflict resolution plan implementation if conflicts of interest are identified.

On-site Assessments:

  1. Collaborative planning for on-site assessment visits.
  2. Data collection and examination during on-site visits.
  3. Verification of compliance or performance against predefined standards.
  4. Compilation of comprehensive assessment reports.

Outcome Communication:

  1. Transparent communication of assessment outcomes to the assessed entity.
  2. Review by the EoL programme office to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  3. Formal registration approval by EoL upon successful completion of the review.

Check out the EoL Pest Control and Fertilizer Catalog

Find a variety of Biodynamic pest control and fertilizers in the EoL Catalogue designed for Egyptian farmers, provided by the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), and know all about the active ingredients, the purpose of use, where to get the products, and supplier's contacts.

For orders and further inquiries please contact       (+20) 1211295517

Check out the EoL Pest Control and Fertilizer Catalog

Find a variety of biodynamic pest control and fertilizers in the EoL Catalogue designed for Egyptian farmers, provided by the Egyptian biodynamic association (EBDA), and know all about the Active ingredients, the purpose of use, where to get the products, and suppliers contacts.

For Orders and further inquiries please contact       (+20) 1211295517

Public Comments

Public comments were open to public discussion from Jan-March 2023. During the public comment period, stakeholders could review the draft standard and provide comments on its content, structure, and effectiveness in addressing sustainability issues. This feedback was then used by the Economy of Love Standard to revise and improve the standard before it was finalized and applied in the field

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions! 

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