Compost Calculation Tool

The Economy of Love (EoL) is actively using its Compost Tool to accurately measure the reduction of methane emissions achieved through the creation of biodynamic compost. This tool is robust and has been carefully crafted using established and scientifically approved methods for calculating how much methane is reduced during composting.

The EoL Compost Tool is exclusively accessible to EoL Licensees who produce their compost on their own farms. For EoL Licensees who purchase compost from external sources that aren't made directly on their farms, a separate evaluation method called the Cool Farm Tool Assessment is necessary. This separation ensures that both groups of Licensees have appropriate methods to evaluate and acknowledge their unique contributions to sustainability and the reduction of methane emissions within the EoL framework.

The amount of emission reduction from the composting is calculated with the use of AMS III.E, version 7. AMS-III.E.: “Avoidance of methane production from biomass decay through controlled combustion.” (CDM -CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM -methodology)
Scope/ Activity:
13 Climate action

15 Life on land
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