Welcome, our (environment/agriculture lovers, climate heroes).


Economy of Love was founded in 2019. We started because we believed that we can be a tool to impact people’s lives and the environment with our services in a positive way.

Here’s how we’ve been doing it!

Our mission is to create a certification system that promotes transparency and collaboration between producers and consumers for a more sustainable economy that reflects our ethical values.


Our vision is a transparent world economy that actively regenerates nature and supports ethical values to live a mindful and fulfilling life, acting with love.

Find a variety of biodynamic pest control and fertilizers in the EoL Catalogue designed for Egyptian farmers, provided by the Egyptian biodynamic association (EBDA), and know all about the Active ingredients, the purpose of use, where to get the products, and supplier's contacts.

For orders and further inquiries please contact       (+20) 1211295517

We Apologize this document is not currently available online, But if you contact us, we can give you more information